"Divination Yagé Invocation" by Vytko Icaro

Awakened Spirit Quick Shatters Cold Frost, Permafrost

At All Cost Recollects Long Lost Ancient Thoughts

The Thoughts Of Pure Wisdom Inscribed On The Walls

That Break The Sound Barrier When Forged Into Words


Phantom Atoms Collide With Trembling Force

No Remorse, Thunder Roars, Summons Storms

Lightning Swords, Fractal Forms Fly In Swarms

Portals Hidden In Words, Enter Frightening Worlds


Hieroglyphs, Sacred Scrolls, Archangel's Discourse

Fables Of Ineffable Worlds, Supernatural Natural Laws

Death Jaws Snap, Try To Swallow Primal Life Source

Mayday, SOS, Code Of Morse, Spiral Galaxy Falls


Supernova, Black Hole, Planets Dive, Waterfall

Freefall, Cosmic Haze, Apes In Space Out Of Place

Heavens Blaze, Time Leaves No Trace, Erase Divine Race


Mountains Bleed, Boiling Blood, Lava Street

Earth's Heartbeat, Fifth Sun's Cycle Complete

Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl Sky Fleet


Supernatural Form, Falling Novelty Bomb

Karma Cloud, Right And Wrong, Buddha Monk

Incantation, Creation, Sound Of Mystical Om


Rewind, Humankind Lost Unbind

Third Eye No Longer Blind

Wings Of Wind Angels Find

Explore Space, Time And Mind


Life On Earth, Noah's Ark

Date Of Birth, Jeanne D'Arc

One Nine Eight Lucky Seven

Child Has Fallen From Heaven


Three AM, Night Is Dark

Leave The Womb, Disembark

Saturn Turns Icy Rings

Capricorn, Three Wise Kings


Souls Return To Lost Kingdom

Master Masoned From Rocks

Cut From Giant Space Blocks

Sailed From Goldilocks Docks


Find Alchemical Box

Break Nine Magical Locks

Become Clever Like Fox

Learn Twelve Secrets From Nox


Dream Of Great Equinox

Omen Strong As Wild Ox

Fire Birds Fly In Flocks

They Adjust Solar Clocks


Shamans Sing, Chant, Enchant Pineal Gland

Fractal Webs Fast Expand, Eight Eyes Scan

Giant Mystical Spider Protects Chosen Man

Zero Fear, Orphan Seer, Gaze Upon Shadowland


Meditate With Immortals

Turn To Lotus At Dawn

Test Oneself, Enter Portals

Venture Hell's Catacombs


Mushroom Cloud, Dark Asura's Hideout

Black Rain, Prehistoric Nuclear Fallout


Challenge Dark Mage Of Rage

To Perform Art Of War

Cast No Curses, No Blessings

Draw No Weapons At All


Prince Of Darkness Emerges

Pits Turn Hot, Spirit Cold

Laughs, Accepts Mortal's Challenge

Clinches Fists, Sharpens Horns


Chariots Of Fire, Beast Of Hellfire

Conspires, Tortures Gods In Crossfire


Frightening Clash, Book Of Portals

Lightning Flash, Meet Immortals


Create Thought, God Thoth, Gate Of Fate

One Point Six One And Eight Mental State

Spectral Saber, Lifesaver, Obsidian Blade


Fall Through Six Pits Of Evil

Terminate Darkest Forms

Battle Legions Of Devil

Hear Six Screams, See Six Horns


Combat Aura, Martial Arts DNA

Cosmic Bay, Asteroids, Milky Way

Love Not Fear Leads The Way


Leave The Dungeons Primeval

Free Imprisoned Souls

Resurrect Fallen Heroes

Spill Ones Blood, Forge New Bonds


Zoom From Hell To The Dark Side Of Moon

Big Bang, Boom, Thirteenth Crater Of Doom


Order From Chaos, Chaos Forms Order

Codes Emerge From Disorder

Book Of Portals Grows Broader

Transcend Shadowland's Border


Sun Eclipse, Cosmic Trick

Time Continues To Tick

Make Decision, Be Quick

Bright Blue Planet Is Sick


Present Moment Is Gift

Life Resembles Sky Lift

Now Press Seven, Fly Swift

Have Nice Journey, Don't Drift


Amazon, Icaro, Jungle Ink

Jaguars Form Black Ring

Yagé Serpent's Bites Sting

Strengthen Spiritual Link


Light Healers Mystique Help Reach Peak

Sacred Plants Speak In Language Unique

Trance Technique, Ancient Wisdom We Seek


Visions Cyphered In Poems

Hieroglyphic God's Omens

Time Stops, Tai Chi Golems

Mystic Realms, Sacred Totems


One Point Six One And Eight

Spell Is Cast, Thoughts Mutate

Meditate, Liberate, Reincarnate

Dreams Foretell Shaman’s Fate


Is Man Made By God Or God Is Man Made

The Infinite Bliss Is United Mind State


Ayahuasca Now Sails With Immortal Soul's Fleet

Ancient Powers Grow Strong, Invocation Complete

“Aura Auroras” by Vytko Icaro

"Explore Space, Time And Mind" by Vytko Icaro

"Explore Space, Time And Mind" by Vytko Icaro